RMD Consulting

At times like these your charity needs to be resilient, but also innovative, to survive. We can help you NOW. Please contact us on 01747 820396 or email rogerd@rmdnfpconsulting.com. We also specialise in Lottery Funded evaluation work, as well as other evaluations.

RMD Consulting is a charity and not-for-profit consultancy. We specialise in helping these organisations meet their purpose through:



Charity and not-for-profit consultancy

Our core specialism is helping charities and not for profit organisations become ‘more businesslike’ while still ensuring they maintain their mission and vision. We also specialise in evaluation work.

Today there are so many organisations in the third sector competing for donors. It is therefore very important that your organisation has a clear strategy to retain and acquire them. Even a successful not-for-profit organisation can lose its way and not be as adept as it once was at reaching out to its donor base and potential donor base.

  • Why are we not attracting new donors?
  • Our overheads seems to be getting bigger, but why aren’t we running effectively as an organisation?
  • How do we market ourselves in a digital age?
  • Do we really know what our brand stands for?
  • What new engagement strategies do we need to have to grow in the short, medium and long term?

These are all questions that RMD Consulting can help in providing not-for-profit consultancy and practical solutions for your organisation.

We are uniquely placed as we have experience both in the commercial and not-for-profit arenas. Hence we can bring our learnings from the commercial space to help organisations like yours be far more effective at what they do BUT still retain their mission and vision. It is understandable that you may be nervous at committing to such help, but we are respectful of your needs and are here to guide you at every stage of the process. Your need may be very specific or it may be a full strategic overhaul of the organisation. Either way we are committed to achieving your goals.

Our solutions are practical and will be understandable by all employees. Crucially they are effective and not complex. Our mantras are: ‘less is more’ and ‘keep it simple and measurable’.
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