Change Management for Not-For-Profits

Change Management

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Change Management

RMD Consulting provide Change Management services for not-for-profit organisations and the charity sector.

Often colleagues will say that change is needed, but what they really mean is ‘not in their backyard’. Any not-for-profit requiring this, from either the development of a change management plan to its implementation can draw on our extensive experience. We firmly believe that culture is the biggest barrier to change management – over the years our key mantra has been to ‘soften the person, not the message’ when implementing change.

Often change is required when circumstances are negative:

  • ‘our donor base is shrinking’
  • our overheads have grown
  • we are not sure if we have the right staff
  • we need change but are not sure what change is needed and in what order?

Change management is an industry in itself and it is jargon ridden. At RMD Consulting we aim to ‘seek to understand first’ before even thinking about what change is needed. If change is required there are often head and heart aspects to change. The way change is implemented can have a crucial effect on an organisation’s morale. If it is not handled sensitively the effect can be far worse than before. We don’t believe in change for change sake; we do believe in change if it helps you meet your mission and vision. Keep change simple and that way it is understood and accepted.

If change is needed, we believe the staff and trustees should ALL be comfortable with what is proposed. The changes made should be relevant and all stakeholders should see this. If not, then the changes will fail or not be implemented fully and therefore, effectively. Every change should be assessed on its value and relevance to your organisation. We can suggest changes but they can only really be implemented by you and your staff.