Strategy Development and Implementation

Strategy Development and Implementation

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Strategy Development and Implementation

RMD Consulting provide Strategy Development and Implementation Services for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Our approach is similar to that of our brand development services but with a much wider canvas looking at the mission and vision of the organisation and where it wants and importantly needs to get to by ‘x’. Sometimes there is no strategic plan and one needs to be written or the plan needs refreshment, re-focus and often re-prioritisation.

Our skill and experience have led us to believe that any strategic plan should be simple and understandable within the organisation. That is, everyone ‘gets it’ and subscribes to it from the internee to the CEO – otherwise it will be just ‘a plan’ and not a working document. Your need may be also to create or reformulate a value proposition and align it with the strategy. We have experience in this arena – again everyone needs to believe in a VP otherwise it is just words. We lead internal workshops to aid this process.

A strategic plan does not need to be a long complex document. We believe it should be readable, simple and to the point. Above all, it should be specific and not couched in ‘motherhood and apple pie’ language – i.e. so general it could apply to most charities.

It is also crucial that the culture of the organisation enables the new plan to be implemented. Often a good strategic plan fails because the culture of the organisation is not right. The famous Drucker quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is so apt. The greatest plan may fail because the culture of the organisation effectively sabotages it. Before developing any new strategic plan we always determine if the culture of it is ‘fit for purpose’. If not, this needs to be tackled first, before a new plan.

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