Case Studies

Below are some case studies of consultancy undertaken by RMD Consulting.

Comprehensive Business Review of an established environmental consultancy

Case Studies

This consultancy has grown organically and had developed into different companies, but had lost its sense of direction. There was no clear demarcation between the companies and no firm management structure. A comprehensive review was undertaken right across the Group to establish solutions for a better management structure, capacity building and continuous improvement. The existing business strategy was also re-aligned to drive these initiatives.



Diaspora Potential – framing a target audience


What is the potential of Indian, Indonesian and Filipino diaspora to give to charities? This case study looked at the varying attitudes of different generations of these diaspora to assess motives to give or not give. The insight gained enabled this global NGO to assess whether it should target these groups for fundraising or not.




Marketing and Strategic Review

Marketing and Strategy Review

This NGO was losing the verve and vigour of its original founder’s vision. It would not try new initiatives and the board was not willing to embrace a re-positioning of the brand and new marketing initiatives. The CEO however knew the organisation needed a fresh start. A comprehensive review of the organisation was conducted examining the attitudes of donors, staff, board members and those who had never heard of the organisation. The review recommendation have now been accepted and implemented by the board resulting in a transformation of it donor base and revenue.


Web-site Redesign and Re- branding

Website redesign

A very specific study for an NGO who supported world peace initiatives through volunteer placement. The existing website was a decade old and need a complete redesign and re- brand as volunteer enquiries were declining. The new website just implemented will seek to increase volunteer traffic and the income stream of this established organisation.




Post-traumatic stress support among police officers – offering a new service

Post-traumatic Stress disorder

A review aimed at ascertaining the ingredient of a support system that would truly help police officers and their families who had been suffering the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Officer and their partner and families were listened to in order to develop a detailed blue print for a welfare support system which hitherto has not existed. The report was submitted to the police commission for their consideration.



The development of a business case and its marketing potential among high net worth donors


This charity needed to raise over £12 million for the redevelopment of an educational and sports based adventure site. It did not have a business case so we developed one in order to determine the feasibility of the fundraising task and whether institutional financing had a role to play. A fundraising plan was developed and promotional literature to support the campaign.




Assisting the CEO of a mental disability NGO to make itself more business like

Mental Health issues

This NGO needed to expand and gain clients from a wider catchment area. A pragmatic business strategy was developed to raise its awareness and develop initiatives that would make it more robust commercially for the next five years. The board totally embraced the initiatives suggested by RMD Consulting.



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‘I have had the pleasure of working alongside Roger Donbavand whilst he consulted on a project to develop the future direction of our not for profit organisation. Roger’s professionalism, experience and knowledge was an excellent resource for our organisation and with his guidance and support the company has been able to develop an effective future plan. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending you to work with Roger; he would be an asset to any organisation. ‘